The Benefits & Value of Business Structure

The Benefits and Value of Business Structure and Commitments to Yourself

It is important to understand the benefits and value of business structure and commitments to yourself that have to be made.

We have to learn new things, new ways, Different ways of thinking, making many decisions, implementing new strategies, programs, techniques and the list goes on.

An important mind set step in this process is to transition from an individual doing something to an individual leading a business. Yes becoming a business leader.


One easy way to embrace this is that every function you do is a function being done by an employee. You are either making your business money or costing it money. The more you understand you are an employee, allows you to start creating systems and hold accountability to first you then to those you delegate to do what you prefer or choose not to.

So start by managing yourself, the functions, document how they are to be done, how long it takes and every step possible so that when the time comes to delegate you are not only organized but versed in managing the function, setting the expectations and confident that it is being done the right way.

Structuring your time by calendaring, it allows you to say no easier and it commits you to having at least a simple plan of action. Make sure when you do you get specific about what you are doing and when, not I’ll get to it sometime next week!

Creating a step by step system set’s you free, empowers your employee’s or contracted workers, it makes your business profitable at time of selling if you choose that option and saves you time in the long run because you would also be encouraged to schedule off time as much as work time!

These are two simple steps or strategies you can easily implement starting right now to get structure and systems in place and help you keep your commitments to yourself and the business!

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