Success Stories

Check out the personal stories from some folks who have worked with Coach Jacob …

“His enthusiasm and belief in me uplifted me even on my most challenging days”

Jacob Roig has been my business coach and trainer. I love working with Jacob. My experience has been very positive. He is always upbeat, authentic, and honest and his enthusiasm and belief in me uplifted me even on my most challenging days. He shares a wealth of information when it comes to starting your own business. Have a pad of paper ready to take notes because he offers so much in a short time you’ll want to remember it all.

I would highly recommend Jacob Roig as your business coach if you are looking to start your own business and know you need both emotional support along with solid business knowledge of how to get a small business up and running.

– Natalia Volz, Grief Coach & Speaker

“Everything you said was 100% correct”

When I was first introduced to you, it was certainly a blessing that moved mountains for me. It was the start of big changes in my life, for which I am extremely grateful for and has led me to where I am today – the greatest part of my life.

Thank you sir and friend. Everything you said was 100% correct, regardless of the actions I took on it. You’re a great coach with deep, meaningful understanding to what is important and what makes a difference to us humans. Always grateful.

– Giuseppe Lacovelli, President of the Italian Cooking Class & Real Estate Investor

“He listens to what you say as well as what you don’t say”

Jacob Roig is an insightful business coach who listens to what you say as well as what you don’t say. He asks the right questions and then draws from his expertise to break down your priorities and next steps in a language that you understand and empowers you to communicate with your clients in a language that they are yearning for. He has an uncanny ability to make you feel like an expert while gently pushing you to up level yourself so you can make a bigger impact in people’s lives.

Jacob has empowered me to take my business to the next level and I highly recommend any entrepreneurs work with him to help you produce the results you’re looking for in less time!

– Marissa O’Neill, Founder & CEO at Soul Medicine: Your Journey Home

“He’s everything a coach should be!”

Jacob is a wealth of information to grow not only your business, but yourself as well. He always comes through with what I need to hear and it is given at the right time.

The calls have provided structure for me and I’ve learned, through Jacob, what I need to do to provide the structure for myself that’s essential to move forward. Jacob certainly knows how to have a successful business and is well qualified to coach this but probably the main thing for me, and what’s different about him, is that I feel he really cares about my success. It can be easy for me as an entrepreneur to get off course working on my own, but I’ve always trusted that he is in my corner as a sounding board and guide. In short, he’s everything a coach should be!

– Lorelei Carter, Realtor at United Real Estate

“Your guidance keeps me on track and gaining profitability!”

Thank you Jacob – thank you for what you deliver every time. I am excited to share with you that I just signed a contract that will pay me $10,000 in commissions.

I have adrenaline floating through my veins, I have been working very hard at it so I feel on top of the world!

Thank you for the support – your guidance keeps me on track and gaining profitability!

– Fabiola Filippin, Broker at Fabiola Filippin Financial Planning

“Through our work together, I’ve developed a full 6-month program and pricing for it”

He’s taught me so much in the short 2 or 3 months we’ve been coaching. He’s taught me how to identify my best fit client – who for me, is a mid-life mom – how to understand her needs and concerns, and how to talk to her in my marketing material.

Through our work together, I’ve developed a full 6-month program and pricing for that program. I’m really grateful for the work I’ve done with him. He’s helping me with my mindset, he’s helping me find customers I want to work with and I’d highly recommend Jacob for anyone in this line of work.

– Jane Elizabeth, CEO at Pleasure Plan

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