Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Realizing the Entrepreneurs Power of Choice

Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Realizing the Entrepreneurs Power of Choice

 Setting Yourself Free to Create Your Success!

As entrepreneurs we all have the opportunity to embrace the entrepreneurial decision making power of choice. Now this is not just for the entrpereneur but most successful ones I have been able to Coach to Their Business Success with embrace this.

In Entrepreneurial Decision Making we are either consciously choosing how we think, respond or react or we are unconsciously reacting to what we have to make decisions on. It either flows or creates stress and angst.

What do you prefer Planned or Reactionary?

If you agree that everything is a choice then imagine choosing how you will think about every situation, dilemma, Joy, Problem or any other thing that could happen or present itself to us…which it will, Everyday!

You Can!

We get to choose if something upsets us or how long we stay upset, we get to choose if we say something or stay quiet. We get to choose how we think and for how long we think about actions, decisions or situations we get in to or run in to.

Start empowering yourself every day with empowering thoughts, thoughts that you control emotions and responses you get to choose. Thoughts that allow you to either quit thinking about or keep thinking about. Every feeling starts from a thought, and if you get to choose what you think about you get to choose how you feel!

It is magical when you can truly embrace this, I believe it is part of the reason they call it emotional intelligence when we grasp how much in control we are of everything that happens in our lives and businesses.

We get to attract what we focus on, so if you focus on what is right, you see and experience more of what is right. If you allow yourself to immerse in past or future with guilt of past actions or inactions, decisions or indecision, rights or wrongs you will find what is wrong with most situations or decision making you have to do.

Start today by choosing to stop, remember you get to choose “right now” how I respond and react to this situation,  how I respond or react to this decision I have to make. So stop and ask “What am I going to choose?” What is the best outcome? Do I see what is right about this situation or lastly does this decision serve the purpose or plan for me and my business!


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