Finding Your Joy and Purpose as an Entrepreneur

How to Create Results that help you find your Joy and Purpose as an entrepreneur is a learned skill!

Finding your joy and purpose as an entrepreneur is an inside job! Realize anything you’re experiencing right now is a direct result of your thoughts, reactions, and actions or hesitation to taking actions to grow your business!

Truly successful people realize they have to become self actualized, that they have to choose to make choices about what they think, about how they respond, or how they react. It is in this choice that you can accelerate your successes, help your business grow and decrease hesitation, doubt.

You must start realizing you can also change a thought, an action or reaction to anything that you are presented with or confronted with. Being aware of what you are thinking is a way to notice your calls toward finding your joy and purpose.

You also have to realize that when you come from a place of understanding and love for what you are doing or believe in how you help others that life gets better, results get better and you evolve into unconditional giving, unconditional love and unconditional understanding of yourself. This is where abundance in all forms, all areas exist for everyone who is willing to do the work as a daily practice.

Start with this simple step: Follow your intuition!

One way to start or to keep going growing your business is following your excitement, your thoughts that lead you to something that you’re doing, that you have done or temporarily quit doing,in your business or life, maybe an idea that really excites you. If a thought or idea excites you, that feeling inside of you is all that you have to sense to know that you are aligned with your highest self, your true essence, your highest source of inspiration and creativity… intuition

This is also a time and place and be aware of what you’re feeling or thinking, for these are the times our highest sources of creativity or power comes to us or through us. This is where guidance comes to us in the form of a thought, a fleeting sensation, or idea it is a call to do something, to say something or stop at something that we are doing that is out of obligation or settling not from our highest source of purpose.

The most successful people you follow, appreciate or understand know this on an acute level, it’s called a synchronicity moment where everything feels right, it all seems aligned even if it’s for a brief second, those that understand it will follow it without hesitation.

You will notice somewhat short thoughts or inklings that urge you to do something, or tell you to take an action, make a call, stop and talk with someone or some place. In these moments you must act on these! Stop whatever you are doing, act on it, turn your car around, stop! do whatever it takes to follow on that thought or that moment or that idea. These are those opportune moments that Align us with purpose, put us on the path of purpose or show us that we are on purpose.

If you choose to follow your inner excitement you will thrive. It is not instant, it takes a lot of work at times, it takes diligence, it takes persistence and it may take more time than we think. It may sometimes be called selfish but we only have this one life.

So today start making choices and what you will do, what you will think about, how you will react and respond. Find something or someway that helps you understand how much choice you have over your situation, your business, your life. Reprogram your thinking to one of joy, abundance, love and appreciation with a deep understanding for yourself first and then for other people. Follow your excitement, finish what you started unless it feels heavy, then be willing to work at yourself every single day! The results will be incredible, you will find your joy and purpose, you will create an amazing life, a successful business and you and your customers will know they made the right choice!

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