5 Steps to Creating A Digital Online Program

Many entrepreneurs realize the importance of creating a digital online program. It allows us as entrepreneurs to spread our influence and gifts to many more people then we could in a one on one or intimate group setting.

When it comes to creating a digital online program many entrepreneurs react or respond like a deer at night in the headlights. What do I do, where do I start, how do I do this? So I am going to share with you five clear steps that will give you the foundation and the answers to the framework in any recorded or digital program.

I work with entrepreneurs in creating digital online programs quite often, this can be done in 30 days or less! Follow the steps toward your success.

Step 1: what are the steps or how many steps are there in this program? Sit down and write out each step that has to be taken this will give you the answer. Once you have this you now have the title for each step.

Step 2: what is the problem? What problem are you addressing, what problem are you making easier, or what problem are you creating a fast solution for? We first have to identify with a problem to be able to relate to our potential client on their level. We can then through our guidance and answers become a trusted confidant and EXPERT with a solution.

Step 3: here you share the description and solution. This is where you craft your story and start creating the message that not only relates to your client but also starts giving them a possibility and hope for the solution and how easy if they work with you that can’t be overcome or solved.

Step 4: what are the transformational benefits? What are those amazing benefits that they achieve ? What are the results that your ideal client is seeking? This is where you explain how they can go from where they are to where they would like to be.

Step 5: what tools and resources are provided? In this that you will explain what you offer in the form of guidance, forms, blueprints, steps to achieving what your ideal clients will gain or attain from your program. This is where your branding identifiers shine brightly. A quick example in mind would be the simple 12-step ideal client identify or form. This will allow my ideal client to choose their ideal client within minutes. This is one example of a tool or resource that would be provided with the program or each step.

This is the foundation blueprint for creating an online digital program or your recorded program that you send it through your auto responder, CRM or any other means that you would share at a cost something that will benefit one of your clients. There are several other steps, mostly pertaining to the details that are required but here you have the foundation of creating any program you can think of to share with those that would benefit most.

My desire in writing this article is that have you go now with the foundation required to create any recorded program your thinking of or wondering how to get out to your public. There are other steps that are required in order to get it out there but this is the foundation piece to get you started. Thank you

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