Simple Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs to Get Leads Fast!

 Simple Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs to get leads fast!

A Simple Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs is  Networking. Networking is something we are constantly doing, whether in person, through social media, phone calls, etc… Learning how to lead a networking conversation, when to cut it off and how to utilize it to your best result is paramount!

Step 1: Have a Plan!

 You have to understand what you are doing and the results you seek. Have a plan by using this simple marketing strategy of how many leads you plan on attaining. Know how you introduce yourself!

Realize you are not going there to sell, you are going there to gather leads for following up on! Keep the introduction concise, your questions precise and take notes.

Step 2: Calendar appointments for follow up!

You have to be ready to schedule and embrace a simple marketing strategy for when you follow up. Calendar the times then, get commitments. Choose to only spend future time with those willing to commit.

Step 3: Ask Specific Questions

Have 2-4 specific questions that let you know fast if someone is interested in gaining, moving forward or working on what you offer. If they answer not yet, unsure, maybe… move on!

What are two questions if asked would let you know if I was interested in your program, training, product or service? That is where you can start!

Step 4: Move through unqualified people fast!

Everyone wears a name tag, If someone is spending precious time telling you about nothing you came for…Move on!

Simply Look at the closest person nearest you, find their name, call them as if you know them, ask them if they have met (whoever is sucking up your time) introduce them, thank the person you were talking to and turn away! It is effective, it allows someone else to connect with another person and you get to work your simple marketing strategy to perfection!

Step 5: Follow up, keep your commitments to the simple marketing strategy 

You have to keep your commitment to the appointments, if no appointment, call within 24 hours to set one up. They either have time or not. Either way work through them, set the appointments and create a plan of action to take them down your information to a qualified lead funnel process!

Congratulations! You are now ready to Lead Your Business with this Simple Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs!

Share one thing you got from this post! Comments help others understand better and met me know this was a good effort!


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