The links below will be tools, programs, Apps or resources for you to grow your business easier, better faster!

These are all items I have used, are still using or know firsthand from clients or peers that these are the ways to grow your business easier, better and faster!

I will frequently update these so come back often!

If you have a question on any of these or wondering about a new one, send inquiries to

Video Apps - tools - aids:


A great tool to use when captioning video and livestream or podcasts for captions, edits for parts of a show and for producing easily captioned video for content.

It is easy to use, seamless paste and click and for anyone being a host or guest on any type of video shows or using video editing on your own it is my go to product. Well worth the price of admission for what you get!

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Subtitles is a great little tool that allows you to very easily upload a video and create subtitles and create borders, customize your look at the basic level. It also allows you to upload and add captions affordably, at 19.00 per month for 10 videos it is a low cost way to insure you are reaching everyone.

Realize that 70% of people do not watch video with sound and that 85% of people watching video are doing it on their smartphones.

Another 4% of the population is hearing impaired and would never benefit from your videos if we do not caption them.

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Auto Responders, Email Programs

This is an essential program you will want. If you are looking for a simple start at the top of my list and if you are going to be selling programs and have a newsletter, blog or ongoing communication go for Asana. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles and run campaigns and have team fd o the work go Asana or


Aweber has been around a long time and easy to use and add to your website is running on wordpress. I always recommend having someone who knows how to set it up. But it’s easy to run campaigns and do test marketing from it.

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