12 Step Process To Finding Your Ideal Target Market

A powerful workbook to get you more clients... faster!

Know the Experts Secrets to Identify Your Ideal Target Market in 2021

What's in the workbook?

I’ve put together this workbook for you to help you identify your ideal market

You are going to know EXACTLY who you will be targeting.

You will have the clarity to be able to laser focus and target those who will buy from you the most

So much so…

That you will find them faster and easier! 

Being able to do this will take you from zero attention is the first step
To having people come to YOU to ask about your services.

When this happens, you’ll have a business that is thriving, growing and a lot more fun.

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Amazing Workbook!!

If you don’t know where to start on WHO you should be selling to, grab Jacob’s book!

Everyone always says the world is their customer, but this helps you become laser focused…

Samantha Prescott

Jacob Roig

Master Mindset & Business Coach

My name is Coach Jacob Roig
I’ve been super busy helping entrepreneurs
Just like you achieve their business goals.

In fact, I’ve helped 9 clients get
$2.86 million in sales in 30 days during COVID-19

I’ve guided 3,500+ participants, in weekly group calls and
Coached over 18,000 hours in one-on-one, and group coaching clients In the last five years.

And I’m looking forward to getting this workbook in your hands. 

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